Our new Training Needs Analysis tool goes live!

Our new Training Needs Analysis tool goes live!

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Welcome to our new business health check online tool

All organisational leaders want their organisation to perform better. To reach its optimum.. and then go forward.

At the heart of this Big Idea is a recognition that we all need to learn new things, to improve our work performance. Life-long learning is a good thing in itself. But as job roles change, and as we move through our careers, it is a necessary part of working life too. So, Training Needs Analysis does what its name implies: it is an analysis of the training or learning we need, to do our job (or our next job) as well as possible.

Training, or Learning Needs Analysis is the process of:

  1. Understanding the performance improvement we need,
  2. Relating that to skills, competencies or capabilities
  3. Figuring out what people need to learn
  4. Designing training and learning resources to bridge the gap between their current and desired capability levels

We have devised a list of traits, behaviours and solutions that an individual, team or business may need in order to be successful in the workplace.

This on-line tool helps you identify and consider the gaps in your business, those little tweaks that could make all the difference with you results and profits in 2019. It could be skills that could be improved to provide and encourage smoother procedures, more efficiency or higher levels of employee engagement, either way it is designed to help you and your team take your business to another level of performance and results.

Once completed and submitted back to us, our team of design experts will go to work and create be-spoke solutions to your training and development needs. Once completed we will arrange to present to you the solutions that we feel will improve your business performance, culture, people and ultimately results

To take the  analysis click here https://www.proprofs.com/survey/t/?title=q85ib

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