Get the Edge e-live platform goes live with a bang

Get the Edge e-live platform goes live with a bang

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For the past 20 years we have been delivering sales, management and leadership programs and retreats to some of the world’s largest brands.

The material we have shaped and developed impacts business results, improves employee engagement, shapes culture and allows your team to flourish. In some cases, it has been described as life changing for many who have attended.

I’m delighted to share with you that every one of our modules is now available in our Get the Edge e-live, online broadcasting channel,

I say live for a reason, which I will explain in a minute,

But first

There are many e-learning systems that provide, in your own time learning experiences, but I wanted to share something with you, from some recent research that might shock you.

In 2015, we learned that the global market for online learning reached $107-billion, a number that got the attention of thousands of educators and entrepreneurs.

Just two years later, in 2017, this market has grown to reach an enormous $255-billion. This represents 238% growth—a growth rate that has some industries drooling with envy.

Yet, as thousands of people and companies have begun to create and sell online courses in response to this demand, we’ve simultaneously watched online course completion rates reach an alarming low.

A recent study by Katy Jordan, a respected education and technology researcher, estimates the average completion for MOOCs—Massive Open Online Course—to be as low as 15%. Clearly, there is a disconnect between the number of people who create an online course and the number of people who actually complete the course they purchase,


Which sparks the question:

If someone isn’t completing a course, are they implementing any of the training?

And if they’re not implementing the training, are they really getting any value from purchasing a course in the first place?

Low completion rates and lack of student engagement in online courses are arguably the ultimate failures of the online learning industry.

So I have re-visited this area of our business, I’m delighted to share something with you

An alternative solution, one that get better results


It’s called Get the Edge e-Live


In each one of our management and leadership programs we are now offering a live on-line journey,

let me explain

Like many of you, during the covid19 pandemic, we had to function from home, zoom became our friend, and connectivity to those we cared about was done live from our lounge or study. We asked how they were, what was going on in there world. We left our conversations feeling great, pleased we connected with our friends and family.

Taking that experience on board, As an educator of people, I’m reinventing our way of teaching, by bring everyone of our unique modules to you, in a live format One where you can interact with your fellow delegates, one where you can ask questions at the right time, in the moment to be able to satisfy your curiosity there and then Delivered in an environment where interaction and connectivity can still take place through fun experiential exercises in breakout rooms.

Creating a fun engaging environment

For the past few months I’ve challenged my course creators to totally re-evaluate how we teach and learn and to adapt our exercises so they fit in the position we find ourselves in.

Our e-live doors are open, and courses are ready to go, each sales, management and leadership pathway is delivered weekly or monthly to suit you and your team and of course the business, with multiple deliveries of each module throughout the working week and evening.

Our e-live lessons are totally live and are lead by an experienced business subject matter expert.

You can join in on your phone, i-pad or PC

To support the experience, each session comes with a module workbook, key facts and data sheets, and there are exercises and business projects to be continued after the session concludes, that will impact the business and the individual in a positive way. Just like we have always done it.

No more sat on your own in a 1-dimensional matrix, bored, confused and lost

I believe this is the future and will assist in the blended learning needed for people to enjoy their development and retain knowledge.


The exciting pathways we are currently opening are as follows

Sales Pathway – helping you sell more, to more people, more often, more profitably – The complete customer centric journey and A-Z of selling skills including the competencies of the worlds best sales people

Our Fast Track to Management,

suitable for those people you wish to develop into the role of a manger. So helping build a pipeline of talent in your organisation and protecting the business should someone choose to leave.

Our next pathway, is our renowned, award winning Emerging Leaders Program

Suitable for those in your team who are new to management and leading others, however, are already in the position. or for those people who have had no formal managerial or leadership development and for the more experienced managers who simply want to refresh their managerial and leadership skills and knowledge.


Our senior director’s pathway, will allow us to work with your senior team, together or in individually, around key areas like the following:

Creating and implementing Vision and values

Leading through change and adversity

Culture development

Employee engagement

Strategy development

Managing conflict

Building a high performing team


Our team of experienced coaches are also available to follow up one to one, live to support delegates between courses

This exciting new approach to learning and development will have a profound impact on the amount of time people will need to be away from the business, and will still allow them the connectivity and ability to learn from other delegates.

Naturally a graduation or qualification is available at the end of the program too, via the IMI, ILM and other recognised bodies.

Finally, it is a very cost-effective way of developing your people.

Fore more details on the pathways and the course content, get in touch with me via our email

Or speak with myself on 07504 347091 or a member of our team on 01522 869686

Don’t waste your money

Invest it wisely, and guarantee a better result

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