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Do all your sales team perform to the same high standards, consistently?

Has your existing sales training delivered a world-class performance?

Do all your team possess a positive winning attitude?

At Get The Edge we inspire sales teams to achieve their true potential with proven strategies that guarantee to deliver results. Today’s consumer has unprecedented choice. With this choice comes power. Modern technology has given them the ability to clearly and honestly evaluate products and services, They demand the best product for the cheapest price and they want it all delivered yesterday. It should be your goal to exceed these expectations whilst at the same time differentiating yourself from the competition enabling you to close a deal profitably. This is a challenge for even the most experienced of sales staff, but this is just another area where we will give you the edge.


In developing this years course material we have worked with a number of sales teams to truly understand what is required to drive volume and increase profits. We have shaped this course to provide practical and proven solutions for today’s sales challenges, arming you with the strategies to overcome real-life objections.

This is not text book theory, we will deliver a fun, engaging and inspirational experience based upon our extensive automotive experiences. Our Sales Retreat is a three day residential programme that will challenge your thinking, current views, and approach to sales. This years retreat consists of many modules, including:

Knowing Me, Knowing You

Each delegate attending will complete a Clarity4D Personality Profile, which will help them to understand in great detail what makes them tick and appreciate how the minds of others work. Your individual report will not only help personal development, but will assist in many of the modules throughout the programme.

Thinking Like A Winner

This award winning module shows you how to master the inner game of self belief and achieve stunning success in your life. Drawing upon content from our book ‘Your Key to Happiness and Success’ (see our publications page) delegates will discover the power of harnessing positive thoughts, will learn to challenge limiting beliefs and create better behavioural strategies, all of which help you to be the best version of yourself.

Negotiating To Win

We are all born with a natural instinct to persuade, using various techniques to achieve our goals. This course will fine tune these instincts, ensuring you can communicate appropriately to achieve maximum impact.

The Awesome Behaviours Of An A Player

Being aware of the behaviours and skills that the best in our industry demonstrate on a daily basis will provide each delegate with a clear understanding of what is required to achieve and maintain exceptional performance.

Dissecting The Sales Process

Customers have become more and more empowered in recent years and have for some time now held the upper hand when it comes to making purchase decisions. By helping you to understand today’s customer, their journey and their expectations we can ensure you are prepared for this new breed of ‘savvy’ consumer.


A talk by renowned inspirational speakers, Andy McMenemy and Andy Reid who tell their incredible stories of succeeding against all odds. You will come away believing anything is possible.



Attendees will be able to:

  • Find new levels of energy and enthusiasm
  • Align their behaviours to the industry’s A players
  • Become focused on delivering higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • Become skills driven sales people with exceptional daily habits
  • Discover tactics that increase sales, defend profits and enhance the customer experience
  • Create above average results through acquired new ideas, methods and techniques





Guys, a big thank you, I have been in the Motor Trade for 15 years selling cars and I can honestly say this has been the most effective training I have ever done. I loved all the innovative, new and great techniques to overcome objections. This course exceeded my expectations, Keep up the great work”

Russel Connolly Sales Executive Mercedes-Benz


“WOW! Thank you for all your time and dedication last month in completing what were exhilarating training courses”

James Donnelly, Regional Director SMC

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