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Every now and then an employee needs a shot in the arm, even a winning team can lose it’s mojo. We can inspire you to once again find that motivation and gain a winning attitude. Your team are guaranteed the latest methods, tips and techniques that will help improve their ability to remain positive and stay motivated at any given time. Rediscover or harness the passion, energy and drive in your team and be prepared to achieve incredible results.


This  fun packed and high energy one day workshop uncovers the myths behind motivation and proves that attitude is a choice. Our enthusiasm is infectious and even the most cynical of delegates will struggle to leave without feeling inspired and empowered to take positive action.

Workshop Content:

  • The Authentic you – Masks in the work place
  • Thinking you can
  • The Behaviour Triangle
  • The power of Visual Imagery – The past, the future and the here and now
  • The Universal Laws
  • Failure vs. Feedback
  • Fascination vs. Frustration
  • Sap vs. Zap
  • Understanding energy and it’s impact in the workplace
  • Mastering your emotions
  • Understanding beliefs, values and attitudes in the workplace
  • How human beings tick
  • The four motivators at work
  • How to think to get results – The power of the thought process
  • Harnessing your power of choice
  • Dreams vs. Goals
  • Making it happen
  • Team building strategies



You will learn:

  • How to be the authentic you
  • How to motivate and inspire others
  • What makes people tick
  • Which buttons to press
  • How to engage people in their work
  • How to build a winning team

And most importantly each delegate will return to the business re-energised and with a winners attitude.


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