Recruitment Skills

Attracting and retaining the right people is critical to your business success and making the right choice requires some careful attention and planning. Making the wrong choice will inevitably cost you time and money and could have a negative impact on other members of your team, however if you get it right your investment in your recruitment process will pay off many times over.


This workshop will provide you with the skills and confidence to bring the right people into the right jobs and to manage the entire recruitment process efficiently from start to finish. By achieving excellence every step of the way you are investing in your future success.

Participants in this training workshop will gain a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Defining the selection process
  • Job descriptions
  • Attracting the right person
  • Roles and responsibilities in the process
  • The Importance of Getting it Right
  • Planning and preparing for candidates
  • Conducting the interviews and assessments
  • The cost of recruitment
  • Minimising the risk of churn
  • The legal risks and how to reduce them
  • The importance of equality, diversity and legislation
  • Reviewing and selecting the right candidate
  • Induction



This Workshop will help you make the right recruitment decisions and avoid costly selection errors. After completing this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the importance of getting it right
  • Confidently recruit the right person for your vacancy
  • Discover the most effective recruitment skills
  • Know the steps to plan and prepare for an interview.
  • Think from an organisational perspective and project your company in the best possible light
  • Maintain your focus on the interview’s primary objectives
  • Make effective decisions about each candidate
  • Link your recruitment plans to the wider organisational strategy
  • Have up to date knowledge on psychometric testing, assessment centres and effective interviewing techniques and questions
  • Improve your current recruitment strategy


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