Improving performance

Improving Performance

Did you know that businesses with quality performance management processes are more profitable than those without? Consider the value it would bring if all of your people were completely focused on delivering against your organisational goals. So if you are interested in driving sustainable high performance in your business this programme could be just what you have been looking for as it is designed to encourage best practice people management (rather than hinder it)


Performance Management , put simply is a process to improve individuals,  teams, and organisations  and help them to achieve exceptional results aligned to their clearly defined business goals.

The aim of this workshop is to arm delegates with the tools to review, assess, debrief and develop the skills and confidence in others by implementing a Performance Management Solution.



Following this Workshop you will be able to:

  • Maximise the performance of an individual, team or organisation
  • Deal with underperforming individuals (or teams)
  • Plan how to align actual behaviours in line with the goals
  • Understand the aims of performance management
  • Identify acceptable standards of performance
  • Conduct effective reviews of performance
  • Set SMART objectives
  • Manage the performance of the ‘star’, the ‘plodder’, the ‘peaked’ and the ‘poor’ employee
  • Set up  personal development plans for each individual in your team
  • Deliver ongoing performance management day in day out



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