Mindfulness In The Workplace

With the practice of mindfulness scientifically proven to help people overcome health related issues, such as stress and anxiety, it’s no wonder it’s increasingly becoming one of the most popular training techniques in the modern workplace. Organisations such as Google, JP Morgan and the NHS are known to adapt this technique.


Our Mindfulness programme has been designed to:

  • Support increased calmness, relaxation and confidence
  • Promote conscious decision-making and action
  • Explore core principles of mindfulness
  • Embody the practice of mindfulness techniques and exercises
  • Develop greater self-awareness, clarity, focus and resilience

Elements of the programme include:

  • Presentations
  • Practical reflective and meditative exercises
  • Group discussion
  • Workbook, including a written reflective diary
  • Follow up support by phone and e-mail, with options for 1-1 mentoring, support and trouble-shooting
  • Monitoring of personal change using one or more wellbeing or personal development scoring tools



Key benefits of this practice include enhanced mental capabilities such as improved memory, resilience, emotional intelligence and abstract/creative thinking. Mindfulness also helps people to improve their leadership and social skills.

Those who engage in regular mindfulness practice:

  • Are less likely to experience psychological distress, including depression & anxiety
  • Experience greater well-being and life satisfaction
  • Experience greater self-esteem
  • Have more internalised focus and control
  • Have more satisfying relationships
  • Are better at communicating
  • Are less troubled by relationship conflict
  • Have increased emotional intelligence and social skills
  • Have an improved attention span, job performance, productivity & satisfaction
  • Experience reduced work-related stress


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