Managing conflict in the work place

Managing conflict in the work place

Do you think your business will benefit by creating a harmonious working environment? Are you confident in dealing with difficult situations? Could conflict in your team be impacting on staff retention?


Conflict in the workplace can have a significant effect upon productivity, motivation and the retention of staff. This highly participative programme analyses the types of conflict that occur, and sets guidelines for managing such situations.

This intensive one-day programme has been specifically designed to instruct Managers and enable them to reach positive resolutions and to cool heated situations.

The workshop will consist of practical interactive exercises to ensure a deeper understanding of real-life situations.

By the end of this workshop, Managers will be able to use techniques that enable them to deal confidently with conflict, disagreement, aggression and other strong emotions.



After completing this programme, delegates will be able to:

  •  Define issues and understand the impact on business
  •  Deal with different types of behaviour
  • Implement effective communication
  • Take appropriate action and acquire a stronger sense of being in control
  • Understand the best use of body language and listening techniques
  • Understand preferred methods of managing conflict
  • Change previously unsuccessful responses to more effective ones
  • Remain calm, detached from the situation, and objective
  • Manage difficult situations to successful conclusions


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