Leading through change – How to deal effectively with the inevitable changes of a fast paced landscape

Leading through change – How to deal effectively with the inevitable changes of a fast-paced landscape

The pressure to adapt to change in the UK is at a level not seen since the Industrial Revolution. We are in the era of “Velocity” with many industries being disrupted through digitisation, automation and electrification. With new technologies on the horizon, a decline in high street traffic & turnover and many established business models no longer relevant, change is coming at us so fast it’s challenging to keep up!

Many people fear change, to some it’s threatening but to others it’s encouraging. Leading through Change is a 3-day retreat designed to help you lead your people through change more easily, helping build employee engagement and a positive work culture. In doing so you will develop a team and an environment that embraces and drives change.

With change you have 3 options: ignore it and get left behind, have it thrust upon you with limited choices or to start to drive it, shape it and enjoy it.



Delegates will learn how to deal with change before, during, and after its implementation. They will learn how to transform employee attitudes towards change; as is it often met with fear and resistance. Delegates will also enhance their communication skills, which will help them address opposition to change effectively. As well as this, delegates will learn how to apply their knowledge of change management in practical terms to real work scenarios.

This course takes place at our fabulous Hill Holt Wood Venue. It is a blend of practical hands on activities that demonstrate how change works, mixed with a blend of classroom modules. Experiential learning at its best.



  • Leadership – How to be a more effective leader of change
  • Unlocking the hidden potential in your business
  • Resilience and emotional intelligence and the role they play in helping people through change
  • Leading change in others – From overwhelm to opportunity, from “I’m out” to “I’m in, lets go”
  • Helping others through the emotional cycle of change
  • Understanding the impact of personal values on change
  • Identifying personality types and how they effect change results
  • Building raving fans and identifying quick wins in the change process
  • How organisational culture affects change from sticking
  • Challenging limiting belief systems that choke the speed of change
  • How to identify change opportunities
  • Models of change and how to implement them
  • Inspiring your team to be motivated
  • Models of the change process
  • Emergent change
  • Key roles in organisational change
  • Implementing change – What’s needed? / by whom? / when by? / how will we know when we have succeeded?
  • The 10 reasons why change fails and how to avoid them in your change project



At the end of this session you will:

Go away with a clear understanding how to drive change across your business

“This couldn’t have come at a better time for me personally. I’ve been doing leadership training of some form solidly for the last 6 years, and this was by far the most useful,inspiring and motivational course around leadership and change that I have ever attended 

Business Leader

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