Fast Track to Management

Do you have people in your business who you have identified as having the potential to step into a management position? Or perhaps you have a new manager who would benefit from developing their skills, knowledge and confidence to enable them to lead their new team more effectively?

We are sure you agree that developing home grown talent is key to business success, if so then our Fast Track to Management Programme could be just what your looking for.


This comprehensive four day workshop,  is designed to accelerate a delegates ability to be able to lead their teams more effectively. Through a series of interactive learning activities, professional coaching sessions, and practical assessments they will have the confidence and the ability to influence their teams and deliver an improved performance. One day per quarter allows the delegates to let the material sink in.

The four days consist of the following titles:

  1. Managing People
  2. Managing Problems
  3. Managing Performance
  4. Managing Personalities

Each Module is designed to help the potential new manager understand themselves and others and also to consider the key areas below that apply to their new role.

  • The Manager’s role
  • Managing the transition into management
  • The key responsibilities of any manager
  • The core competencies of managing people
  • How the manager’s role has changed
  • Getting the right relationship with the team
  • ‘Command and control’ or ‘facilitator /coach’
  • Management behaviours which inspire, motivate, engage people
  • Managing your own time
  • Setting effective goals and involving the team in action planning
  • Balancing the day to day work and these extra projects / new work
  • Monitoring performance effectively
  • Giving supportive guidance and feedback
  • Reviewing performance against objectives and action plans, using Appraisal systems as appropriate
  • Communicating the message with clarity and style
  • When and how to “push” people, When and how to “pull” people
  • Getting the balance right between “push” and “pull” in coaching, appraisals, meetings etc
  • Matching and adapting management style to the needs of each individual
  • How effective delegation motivates people
  • Using delegation to improve team and individuals’ productivity and morale
  • How to delegate effectively
  • What motivates and what demotivates people
  • Managing difficult people and situations
  • Coaching for improved performance
  • Handling conflict
  • Building high performing teams
  • The performance management process


You will gain:

  • A better understanding of the Managers role
  • New coaching skills to help develop and support your team
  • The ability to delegate and communicate with confidence
  • The skills to be able to monitor and influence performance
  • An understanding of your leadership style and those of others
  • An effective approach to time management
  • The ability to engage and inspire your team
  • The ability set strategic goals and targets
  • The confidence to behave and be recognised as a leader
  • A winning attitude


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