Defining the DNA of your Business – Values Framework Day

Business Values Framework Day

Every business is different in so many ways, different ideas, different strategies and different objectives, yet at the heart of the most successful companies is one common denominator, strong, fully lived Core values.

Core Values are what support the vision of the company, they help shape the culture and reflects what a company values the most. They are the essence of the company’s identity – the principles, beliefs or philosophy of values. 

Strong core values help companies in the decision-making processes, give the staff a framework of behaviours that help build the brand, deliver a customer experience and the understanding of them helps build happy work places. Business values are critical to a business who wish to separate themselves from the competition in a positive way. This interactive day helps you and your team identify the values that are important to you and the business.


Using a structured approach you and your team will undergo the following steps in order to reach the conclusion, the perfect business values

Step 1 – A personal values exercise designed to help you understand what is important to you in your life and work

Step 2 – Sharing values an exercise that amalgamates the teams values

Step 3 – The elimination process a systematic approach to reaching group consensus over the values that are important to the group

Step 4 – This is us! A process that finalises the perfect business values for your company

Step 5 – Ladders of Expectation – words, phrases and behaviours that bring the values alive in the workplace


At the end of this session you will:

  • Have created a set of business values to embed in your culture
  • Defined a winning behaviour framework that your staff can live to
  • Be able to articulate the values through all your marketing approaches and material
  • Define unacceptable behaviour throughout the business
  • Breathe life into your business culture
  • Engage and retain more people
  • See a measurable difference in staff commitment
  • Use the values framework to make sound, solid ethical business decisions


“The day far exceeded my expectation, we achieved so much in such a short period of time and went away with a superb set of business values that we can now bring alive in our business” 

Russ Hallowes – Managing Director, Northside Truck and Van Mercedes- Benz

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