Building Psychological Safety in your Business

Building Psychological Safety in your Business

Psychological safety is the principle that where we allow people to feel safe in the workplace and allow them to contribute their ideas and concerns, we are considerably more likely to develop a culture of knowledge and innovation.

Where fear at work is the dominating factor and people are scared to speak up through a worry that they will be dismissed, suppressed, ridiculed or even threatened, the chances of errors and mistakes increases while opportunities for growth are reduced.

The aim of creating a culture of psychological safety is to remove the feeling employees have that they should, ‘fit in’, ‘know their place’, ‘toe the line’ and go along with things in order to be accepted. By developing a culture that goes against this model and allows people to feel safe, empowered, fearless and able to speak up, we allow individuals to grow and excel and encourage performance improvements within the organisation.

Psychological safety is about creating an environment where feedback is given candidly, mistakes are freely admitted, and people can learn from each other. Members of a team will feel psychologically safe when they share the belief that they will not be exposed to interpersonal or social threats to their self, their social standing or their career.

A psychologically safe team can be summarised as one that trusts each other to test ideas without judgment, confidently voice opinions and fail without being labelled a failure.

A business with a Psychologically safe environment will deal with change more effectively, be more innovative and agile, reduce staff turnover and recruitment costs, deliver higher levels of service excellence, build higher levels of employee engagement, see more discretionary effort and ultimately produce greater levels of results and performance.

This training course will give you the tools and skills to implement actions that help create this environment.



By attending this course you will learn:

The full definition of Psychological Safety – A module that covers the core elements of psychological safety from the perspective of an expert in the field. Exploring the participants own understanding of psychological safety through activities and review.

The link between Psychological Safety and Accountability – Reviewing the relationship between creating a psychologically safe workplace and improving performance standards.

Impression Management – Identifying why people don’t feel that they can speak up at work and what can be done about it.

How Psychologically Safe is Our Workplace? – Using a questionnaire to measure the levels of psychological safety in the participant’s workplace currently. This is a useful exercise that can also be transferred to the workplace.

Psychological Safety Case Studies – Exploring case studies that demonstrate the consequences of poor psychological safety and highlight the importance of getting it right.

Positive Examples – An exercise that reviews several real-life examples of psychological safety working well.

Developing Psychological Safety – The Key Steps – An initial walk-through of the process of implementing psychological safety in the workplace, followed by a tool that gives a clear structure for implementation in the workplace.

Leadership Assessment – A chance for participants to assess their approach to psychological safety currently and identify skill gaps, with clear guidance for implementing improvements in future.

Developing Psychological Safety – Leadership Actions –  A YouTube video that explores why good leaders encourage trust and safety, followed by an activity that explores the skills of leaders who create psychologically safe workplaces.

Action planning – Putting together a plan for future improvement.




At the end of this session you will:

Go away with a clear understanding how to implement a Psychologically Safe environment in your business.

“This has really opened my eyes to how dysfuntional our business had become, I strongly recommend putting your leadership and management teams through this programme. It’s a must in 2023” 

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By attending this course you will create a culture that means employees will feel comfortable knowing they can:

  • Feel confident that they can speak up on issues of importance
  • Take risks without feeling insecure or embarrassed
  • Highlight potential dangers before they become issues
  • Share ideas and opportunities for improvement


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