Front Line Retail Selling Skills

Front Line Retail Selling Skills

If you try to sell your product or service without keeping the customer in mind, you won’t be very successful. Even if you know your product inside and think you have mastered selling techniques, you won’t be a really effective sales person until you consider the customer experience throughout. Considering how the customer feels and makes decisions throughout the buying process, is essential if you want to develop a two way RELATIONSHIP. This is one of the key points in this two day selling skills course specifically designed for front line retail sales professionals.

At the core of this training course, participants will learn and practice a proven, step-by-step sales questioning technique that can be put into action immediately, in any sales situation. This powerful sales questioning technique is all about asking the right questions in a particular sequence. The questioning model helps retail sales professionals lead retail customers professionally and confidently through the buying experience.

Participants will learn how to structure a conversation where the customers feel at ease and have their needs handled speedily. At the same time, they will develop techniques to better build lasting relationships, adapt their communication style, develop trust, and build true customer loyalty that results in repeat business.


Introduction: Linking sales and customer service

  • Selling or Serving
  • Icebreaker activity
  • Moments of truth
  • Ethical sales practices

Step 1: Know your stuff and your customer

  • Know products and services you sell inside out.
  • Knowing your market and competition
  • Buyer types we deal with
  • Find out your own personality/buyer type.

Step 2: Create the opportunity

  • Greeting customer properly
  • Having a professional introduction
  • Discovering customer needs
  • OPEN questioning technique

Step 3: Matching customer needs

  • Features, advantages and benefits
  • The right benefit to the right customer
  • Identifying customer’s decision criteria

Step 4: Handle objections and close the sale

  • Types of objections
  • Handling the most common objection: price
  • Handling objections model
  • Nine closing techniques

Step 5: After sales and follow-up

  • Meet Joe Girard
  • Best practice post sale follow-up actions
  • Leaving no stone unturned
  • Reverse brainstorming activity
  • Wrap up activity



Following this Workshop you will be able to:

  • By the end of this training course participants will be able to:
  • Explain what motivates customers (logical and emotional) to buy or continue to use a service.
  • Connect with customers, overcome objections, and close sales efficiently and confidently.
  • Use an effective sales questioning technique that will increase sales.
  • Follow a simple five step sales process to make the best out of each customer interaction.
  • Develop follow up strategies that can turn into more sales



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