What Will You Do Differently, Be Specific?

What Will You Do Differently, Be Specific?

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The Definition of Stupidity – Repeating the same behaviour expecting different results!
Often, a salesperson that sold 10 of his products one month turns around and forecasts 12-14 for the next month. In theory, it seems like a positive thing to do. After all, we want to believe we can do more each month and we want to make sure this positive thinking is kept up. The problem with raising a forecast or goal is that too often, the salesperson never specifies what he will do differently to make it happen.
It stands to reason that if you sold 10 products this month and want to sell 12 the next, you won’t get the job done with “business as usual.” If you had a successful recipe to sell 12 products, you wouldn’t have sold 10 the past month. Too often you might think if you just did what you were doing longer and harder you’ll get the job done. But that’s not a desirable or long-term remedy. You must change the map. If you are trying to find an address in London with a map of Manchester it doesn’t matter how fast you go, how hard you try or how good you keep your attitude, it won’t happen: You’ll become lost and stay lost. Take time to go over your goals, objectives and forecasts this week. Consider how you could come up with specific strategies and actions that will increase your sales. Don’t let yourself off the hook with good intentions. The question must be, “What will you do differently?” For example:

1. Do I really understand the Power of “The Magic Number” (See Takticks Sheet 7)
2. Based on your current closing ratio, how many more customers will you need to work with?
3. What new skills will you need to develop in order to get better results?
4. How many past customers will you need to call to solicit their business or ask for referrals?
5. What will you need to do to increase your level of motivation, energy or drive?
6. How many additional presentations or demonstrations will you need to make with prospects you come across that are “just looking?”
7. What objection(s) must you become better at handling?
8. Looking back on last months performance, what would you do differently if you could have the time again?
9. What attitude adjustment will you need to make to keep better-focused during the month?
10. What is the one new idea to generate business you intend to implement this month?

It’s time to get beyond wishful thinking and to get specific about making yourself become more successful. Really start to think. Commit yourself to taking action above and beyond what you’re doing now.
Your job is to devise the right map to success and not let yourself continue to reside in “Dream-land.”

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