The Sales Managers “Monday Morning Questions”

The Sales Managers “Monday Morning Questions”

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Another new week begins, every day of that week gets presented as an opportunity for change to take place. If you didn’t like yesterday’s results without change things will remain equal moving forward.
This week’s newsletter is about driving change through powerful questions, starting today Monday Morning.
Ask your team the following questions and listen carefully to the answers, will they bring the change you need or are you getting lip service?

Questions to ask about the Salesperson’s New Business Pipeline:
1. Have you the next set of opportunities / leads identified ready to call this week?
2. How many follow up or prospecting sessions have you planned to in your diary for the coming week?
3. If you don’t call people, how many people will call you next week? (Will enough people call you?)
4. Do you have enough first appointments scheduled to achieve your target?
5. How many appointments did you set last week?
6. How many new prospects have you this week compared to last week?
7. At what stage – now – are the prospects that you need for just next week’s (promised / forecasted) sales?
8. Have you the right number of prospects at each stage of the sales process?
9. How many blanks or gaps are in your diary for next week? Have you still time to fill them?
10. Which key prospects need to be moved forward immediately? Do you need help on this?
11. How many of your “proposals” are now more than two weeks old?
12. How many of your active prospects are within what we would consider still “live” timeframe

Questions about an individual Prospect or Deal:
1. When are you going back to Mr x or, when have you scheduled to talk again?
2. What does your prospect think is going to happen then?
3. When was your first meeting / conversation about this deal or sale?
4. Why hasn’t this Customer purchased yet?
5. What’s the one thing that you haven’t done yet that may help close this deal?
6. How can you get this Customer back to live, in the showroom, today now?
7. What does this prospect believe at this stage that you can help them with? (Why does your plan make sense?).
5. Does the prospect want this deal to happen as much as you do?
6. On what date will you start to worry that this prospect or deal is probably dead? Has that date actually passed?


How to run the “Monday Morning” Sales Meeting
Step 1.
Gather information from salespeople on a Saturday evening. That way people have time to reflect on what the numbers in the reports might mean (for their activity).

Step 2.
At the sales meetings, ask the salesperson for their views before you give yours e.g. “What do you think the numbers mean? What are they telling you to do next?”
(Don’t ask people to “report” numbers; ask what message is in the numbers).

Step 3.
Diagnose each person’s activity, prospecting or follow up levels and then review individual sales persons live prospects and in market leads. In particular, ask about what will happen and what is being “promised” (“Promised” is a far better word than “forecast!”).

Step 4.
Finish up by giving help e.g.
· How to move a key prospect forward
· Get involved in progressing a sale
· Suggest some sales strategies
· Share a success story that they can relate to
· Help people with the objections and negatives they struggle to handle

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