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Early in 2016 a collaboration was born out of the desire within the property sector for leadership training and development. Get The Edge UK and Agency Mentors have come together with their many years of experience and multitude of talents and skills to put together a programme for Estate Agents that will not only develop the existing skills of their current Managers and Leaders, but nurture the next group of individuals within those businesses, creating managers that are already aligned to your company’s culture and values. Staff retention within the Property Sector we all know to be an issue, and our Emerging Leaders programme will go a long way to solving some of these problems. If you would like to know more about the various programmes we offer please browse our Leadership Retreats brochure. Here you will find concise details of the content of both our main courses, pricing and how to book your places. You will also see some of the many testimonials from Agents who are currently mid way through our programmes, and who are telling us that it is the most innovative and exciting training they have ever received.

OUR BROCHURE: Leadership Retreats PDF

Here is what our partners, Agency Mentors have to say about our collaboration:

With a wealth of industry experience, knowledge and success the team at Agency Mentors help Estate Agents across the UK to reach their true potential by providing innovative training solutions that improve both sales and profitability.
We recognised however a need within the industry to deliver a leadership programme that not only developed potential talent but could also inspire existing leaders to raise their game to the next level.
Our collaboration with Get The Edge UK means we can offer our clients programmes that are tried and tested, delivered with an infectious energy, are fun, and most importantly deliver long lasting results.
Their outstanding levels of customer satisfaction and long term contracts with industry leaders are great testament to their methods and a demonstration of why we are confident that together we can help your business flourish.

For details of all of our courses and retreats please click here. For training specific to the property sector other than our amazing leadership retreats please go to our partner’s Agency Mentors Training page. Just Click here.

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