Leadership Retreats for 2018

Leadership Retreats for 2018

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It is widely recognised that engaged employees means a more productive workforce. And as you know an engaged workforce has a direct impact on results such as profits; customer satisfaction; productivity; innovation; absence; turnover all being effected.

Research conducted as part of investors in people, found strong evidence of the link between employee engagement and the behaviour of senior leaders and managers.

The Analysis of the People Survey in 2017 across 8,750 businesses found that:

There is a clear correlation between leadership behaviours, the culture they create and team engagement

Leaders who consistently apply the enablers of engagement achieve high team engagement and their business greater results in the areas I mentioned earlier

Leaders who inconsistently apply the enablers of engagement achieve lower team engagement and lower results

Now let’s consider you landing here today, you may be an excellent entrepreneur who has mastered some of the skills within your industry and have set up your own business, you may have be a great sales or customer service  agent who has been promoted to the position of manager,

in both examples you are now accountable for achieving budgets and business objectives through the efforts of others, with this awesome responsibility, you may begin to realise you have never personally had any development around managing and leading people

So your now responsible for a whole bunch of people who may not like you, may be jealous of you, may not trust you, don’t see you as credible, can’t be bothered, have their own demon’s, turn up for work because that’s what they did yesterday, have become terrorists in the business or even worse, zombies, and walking dead, and you have got to manage and lead them to this years victory, good luck to you!


That’s where we step in, our leadership programmes have been specifically designed to provide you with an understanding of the key skills and behaviours of a great leader, Observing and working with great leaders worldwide Kousez and Posner, leadership specialists identified 5 key behavioural traits that the best of the best exhibit everyday, without fail no exceptions


They are

  1. Model the way – the great leaders show what exceptional looks like in everything they do


  1. They inspire a shared vision, engaging everyone to want to come on the journey with them, building an enthusiastic loyal engaged team


  1. They consistently challenge the process, never accepting the status quo, they are innovators, disruptors always seeking new methods and approaches to go to the next level


  1. They enable people to act at the highest of levels, by providing the right resources and training to achieve world class results


And finally the most important


  1. They encourage the heart, they build a business that builds people up, not pulls people down, they defend an employee’s self-image, not destroy it, they make people feel special,  feel good about themselves and finally they praise and praise again and again


These leaders are ego-less, it’s all about others, no bully boy tactics that suppress performance, they coach, guide, train, mentor and inspire people to achieve the greatness that lies within them and as a result their people reward them with their wisdom, ideas, loyalty, energy, enthusiasm and results, coming together as a cohesive team driving the business forward.


Our two leadership retreats provide the knowledge and skills to help you become a better leader for your people, our Emerging leaders programme 2018 focuses on providing you with the toolkits to help develop yourself and grow your team to the next level, such as planning, coaching, communication, understanding your values, problem solving, teamwork, giving constructive feedback, time management, handling conflict, leading and inspiring others to name a few.


Every delegate will be challenged with a business project to implement in the work place to help embed their learnings and the support and encouragement from the team our end. The delegates attending will come back, more confident, with more energy towards their role and with a whole host of new skills and tools to develop their leadership skills taking the results they can achieve within the business to the next level


Our senior leadership challenge retreat, works on the 5 behaviours of a great leader at a higher level of understanding, giving you clarity and credibility, included in our programme, a strategy development day helping you create a long term vision and shaping the steps to achieve it,


Our culture development module, vision and values module and advanced coaching modules build a happy workplace for all and help you to be seen as a credible, trustworthy, dynamic leader for your people and your business moving forwards


So why us


Well for 17 years we have specialised in the development of people, when we set our vision for our business,we wanted to create fun, enjoyable training that engaged hearts and minds of those who attended, not dull old chalk and talk. We have achieved this through a series of unique experiential exercises designed around leadership behaviours and core competencies of great leaders. Each designed to challenge and when debriefed land numerous lessons, philosophies and ah ha moments.

We wanted to help people achieve their true potential and not go to their graves with their best version of themselves untouched, we have built a team of incredible people who you will meet, who all are willing you to succeed at the highest of levels,


Our 2018 intake is now open, and for those of you who have questions or seek more information call our offices directly on 01522 869686

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