Exciting New Partnership Announcement – Providing a ‘joined up’ solution for transformational change

Exciting New Partnership Announcement – Providing a ‘joined up’ solution for transformational change

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Providing a ‘joined up’ solution for transformational change

To complement our inspirational training, coaching and staff development solutions designed to transform your people and their results, , we are proud and excited to announce that we have now teamed up with LYNCHPIN & ASSOCIATES  who deliver the ground breaking Unwritten Ground Rules Programme®. This innovative culture development tool helps a business understand the impact of workplace culture in achieving improved results.  Together we have the necessary skills to deliver greater ‘joined up’ activities to achieve your vision of success.

We know that when you ‘join the dots’ up on your strategies, plans, policies and practices then your chances of success improve considerably. We also know that there is the potential for an exciting transformation in your business or organisation when you release the untapped potential of your people. Bringing all the pieces of the jigsaw together will create and sustain a high performing workplace culture that can bring business excellence and success which result in improved customer focused outcomes.

This unique association brings together the globally acclaimed UGRs® culture development tool to assess and transform your workplace culture with personal development experts that provides the opportunity to transform your business and realise your vision of success.

Using our 3 steps, we link together your key cultural attributes (or your core values) and the development of the skills, actions and behaviours of leaders, managers and non-managers. It is a powerful combination that builds on your uniqueness.


  • STEP 1: We help you identify your Key cultural objectives identified and help reaffirm your values statements
  • STEP 2: Implementation of the ground breaking Un-written ground rules analysis
  • STEP 3: Delivery of the be-spoke development solutions that impact the culture, the people, the business and the results


Our association aims to deliver totally bespoke solutions to suit your business requirements, around what you want your business to become and how you want to be seen.


Follow our cultural health check below to determine how your business is currently functioning culturally

  1. How would you describe your culture? – Harmonious – Neutral – Toxic
  2. Do your people deliver more than is asked of them? – Always – Sometimes – Never
  3. How would you describe the atmosphere in your business? – Exciting – Bland – Poisonous
  4. How would you describe the team work element between departments in your business – Collaborative – Adequate – Silo Mentality
  5. Does your team really, fully get and live daily your business values – They live and breathe them – They kind of get it – Values, oh those words on the wall!
  6. How would your people describe working in your business to others – Positively and with pride, No opinion – Negatively and with resentment

If you have circled any of option 2 or 3 then get in touch, and allow us to share with you how we can impact the results in your business.

Contact us for more information on this exciting and imaginative collaboration.

To find out more about our friends at Lynchpin, visit  www.lynchpinsolutions.co.uk

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