Customer experience is the new battleground

Customer experience is the new battleground

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Customer experience is the new battleground

Reinventing the customer experience is the new battleground, it’s a mindset that needs you to untie your laces and take a walk into battle wearing your customer’s shoes.

When was the last time you really observed your people in action, Looked at your service levels from the customers point of view? Not just looked at your feedback score on paper, but observed your people in action via a mystery shop video. In other words your real reality? Is it time to put yourself in a customers shoes for a stomp around your business?

The nuance is this – the game has now changed entirely: Customer experience is the new battleground for organisations. Customers have never had more power or choice than they do today, with reviews, trip advisor and other feedback tools, they are now choosing more carefully than ever before.

If your in the customer service arena and your business is dependent on delivering at the highest possible levels, how is it possible that an employee can be allowed not to care, to perform at the base line levels, to perform when coin operated, to do just enough, how on earth have you allowed that to happen?

Just enough will not keep you alive, profitable, winning or moving to the next level

If we all hired the right people to deliver our brand promises; life would become a lot easier. Yes, they would need to be equipped and empowered, but that is the easy part. Finding people with the right attitude is the challenge.

Lesser performers require excessive external stimulation to elevate their attitude, passion, and enthusiasm. It seems every day they need to be hugged, burped, coddled, cajoled, begged, bribed, or pumped up in order to deliver anything over and above baseline work. If this describes you, or someone on your team, you have work to do.

This is not just about adding HR processes, but about making them on-brand values from day one, living and breathing the business values through their behaviours, delivering the non-negotiable’s, separating themselves from the competition in a positive way at every interaction with a customer. Ensuring all roads lead to “WOW”!

But leading such a radical change requires a change in mindset, for agility to be built into the business and for customer experience to permeate everything. So here at Get the Edge we can help with the challenge through our fun interactive experiential sessions.

Our Inspire days help a team come together to rejuvenate, refresh and refocus on helping each individual to deliver in their role at the highest of levels. Watch out….. in this session we really do challenge people to decide are they in or are they out, some will realise that they do not love what they do and leave, and for the benefit of the business, the team and the customer that has to be a good decision. They are not bad people just in the wrong place.

So what can you expect from those who stay, who want to continue and grow in your business?

  • A fully engaged employee aligned to the business values
  • An employ who demonstrates a higher level of energy and enthusiasm to their role
  • A more harmonious team focused on achieving the business goals and objectives
  • New fresh ideas generated by the team to deliver higher levels of service
  • A more harmonious positive culture
  • A tenacity towards delivering higher levels of service than ever before
  • More loyal customer who want to come back to you time and time again

Reinventing the customer experience is the new battleground, it’s a mindset that needs you to untie your laces and take a walk into battle wearing your customer’s shoes.

Here at Get the Edge we are committed to disrupting the conventional, this is not the same old training and development, give me 10 minutes over a coffee and lets see how I can help you and your business go to another level.

Jon Davies – 07504 347091

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