Attention Business owners: How to spot emerging leaders in the workplace

Attention Business owners: How to spot emerging leaders in the workplace

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Attention Business owners: How to spot emerging leaders in the workplace


All business owners and managers know this: the core of every successful company is a team of good leaders that make good decisions. If you’re looking to identify your company’s future leaders, then you need to know what you’re looking for. Here are some of the specific behaviours you need to look out for:

  1. A genuinely good character.

An effective leader should know what he stands for. This means that their character is always active and lined up with the values of the organisation.   For instance, when assessing if a prospective leader’s character is in accordance with the organisation, learn these about them:

Their enduring idea.

How they differentiate themselves.

Their primary experience delivered as a leader.

Whom does their leadership serve?

This will give you an idea what the prospective leader stands for and if their character backs the needs of your business.

2. Chemistry with the company staff.

The success of a leader entails the ability to deal with others.  This involves having a sincere demeanour and a yearning to guide and encourage those around them.  A quality that is supported by the organisation – a likeable, pleasant and uplifting attitude.

Having chemistry with their colleagues is a sign that an employee’s leadership flair, behaviour and work ethic is a good fit in the workplace culture.  This shows that he or she can expectedly bring positive energy and outlook into any circumstance whether good or bad and make the most of it.

3. Solid conviction.

A potential leader continually shows passion about the organisation’s mission, values and aim.   Leadership involves the ability to show conviction about defending the company’s philosophy and the values its brand embodies.

This is where you can see the genuineness of a person, which is valuable to one’s success as a leader.  Having a fervent pursuit of quality will showcase your craving to push the limits for the improvement of the organisation.

4. Commitment to the company.

A potential leader consistently shows being accountable in both good and bad times throughout their relationships and responsibilities in the organisation.   An effective leader is he or her who can be relied on and have shown through their commitment to the people they serve.

5. Knowledgeable and strong.

An ideal leader needs to be knowledgeable especially in decision making and knows to practice autocratic leadership when certain projects require fast and reliable decisions.  They are strong to take charge in any situation and confident in establishing deadlines.

More than a commitment for others and the organisation, a potential leader must show the aspiration to advance themselves; they are always looking for ways to capitalise on their own potential both professionally and personally. Leaders know how to effectively manage themselves and make a dependable commitment without having to be told.

What do I do after identifying emerging leaders?

After identifying the future leaders of your company, you can help them reach their full potential by enrolling them to Leadership Programs. This will help create a high-performance culture by developing and empowering them.

Think about these characteristics and evaluate how they apply to both yourself and other employees within your organisation.

How about you? If you were to evaluate the employees on your company, could you effortlessly identify each of their future potentials?  How will you base your evaluation?  How would you derive your conclusions?

Once you find them, encourage them to attend our life changing Emerging leaders Retreat, for more information click at the top of the page.

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